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Water for South Sudan (WfSS) delivers life changing, sustainable, locally-led programs that strenghten individuals, families, communities and the nation of South Sudan, enabled by inspired donors and supporters worldwide. The WfSS country office is in Wau. WfSS is busy throughout the year implementing their activities. Drilling bore holes and other related activities are implemented during the dry season or during the rainy season. Because of the increasing number of activities, the WfSS team has expended over the past few years.

The focus of WfSS is to deliver quality results and to keep on improving it's own organization. For that reason, the Academy was invited to conduct an organizational assessment by using the 5 Capabilities methodology. All WfSS employees were present during the training: senior management, department heads, coordinators and mechanics. The training was an interesting and frutiful process during which participants we capable to play their own specific role as part of the assessment of WfSS as an organiztion.

Participant's feedback: "This training was so nice and so very participatory. Very different from other training I attended before. I never heared about the 5 Capabilities and this training helped me to understand the different capabilities of our organization. And I also became aware to which capacity I'm more attracted to".

Feedback management: " This training has helped our team to realize and find out how we are doing our work. The way the training was conducted is really nice, different activities and enough theoretical background at the same time to understand this new topic. This training provided us insight in how to improve our organizatioin and procedures further". 

For more information about Water for South Sudan: www.waterforsouthsudan.org


The Tailor Made Training (TMT) "Skills for cold chain/value chain support and food security" is running since 5 months now. The programme is sponsored by EP-NUFFIC through the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes. Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, in cooperation with Multi Training Center and the Academy for Professional Development both in Juba developed the training and are responsible to conduct the training to VINK Energy employees. The TMT has enabled the VINK Energy employees to improve their knowledge and skills and as a result the productivity of the company improved. During an interview which is held with two employees, it became clear how capacity development improves the quality of work at VINK Energy and how it effects their personal lives.

 Arike Moses is very optimistic and satisfied about the training. He said;

Previously before joining VINK Energy Ltd, I was working as an untrained electrician and we were doing things using poor measurements as we lack skills. But currently I have learned that things should be done properly and accurately measured. It is a great life change to learn new things especially on how the refrigeration systems works. This training is like a dream comes true; I knew nothing about refrigeration before joining the training, but as a result of the training, I have acquired considerable knowledge on refrigeration as well as about good cooperation and team work between VINK employees. This training has given us more than we expected and even more than we could be able to give back to VINK. I recommend this training for others to benefit and we will do our level best to apply this knowledge during our daily work.

Jacob Mawut Dual looks happy when we talked about the training and he explained himself as follows:

This type of tailor-made-training on refrigeration is not common in the country. We are lucky to have this opportunity of having a training tailored to meet our needs and expectations. This training has improved my  performance very much and it even improved the way I used to do things at VINK Energy. For instance, before joining this training we repaired a cold store but after a few days it stopped working and we didn’t know what was the problem. In the training we learn a lot about compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator and how they operate. After learning all this, we realized that the reason why the repaired cold store stopped working was a blockage in the expansion valve. This caused problems in the flow of liquid through the valve. We didn’t have this knowledge before we participated this training and that’s why we couldn’t identify and solve the problem that time”.