Short courses

Short courses, refresher courses and Tailor-Made-Training courses. All you need to improve your skills in training, management, leadership, intercultural cooperation and more.

Tailor Made Training

Do you think your educational institute or organization should become more dynamic, using knowledge and experiences from all employees as much as possible?

Knowledge sharing

We organize (international) conferences and meetings to share knowledge and learn from other professionals.


Seeking for a solution to improve the quality of your organisation? Do you need a strong (international) team to achieve results? Our consultants are here to give you advice and support.

Charles Jada Henry

CharlesCharles is the driver and messenger of the Academy. He has over 7 years of experience as a driver. Charles has the right expertise and attitude to handle any situation in traffic and he is a reliable messenger. Charles is indispensable in the daily support of management and trainers.

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The Academy for Professional Development is a newly established private institute for professional development based in Juba. The Academy is founded by partners from South Sudan and the Netherlands with the aim to deliver significant support in the development of quality education in South Sudan.

The Academy is unique in the way it is organized and in its educational approach which is based on Competency Based Education and Training. The institute is anchored in a blend of international and local expertise and knowledge.

The Academy offers short courses and Tailor Made Training Programmes. In addition Knowledge sharing activities will be organised and consultancy services will be provided to organisations and companies who would like to improve the quality of their staff.

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tsr marina de bieMarina Versluis: Managing Director

has spend the last 25 years working in European, African and Asian countries. Mostly for short term periods. She has a background in Education, Leadership & Coaching and Project Management. Marina worked a lot in education and  she has solid training and teaching skills at VET, university of applied science and non-formal education level. Because of her international work, she has an wide network.  

Marina has strong leadership skills and a hands-on mindset. She is therefor capable to bring people from different (professional & cultural) backgrounds together to guide them through a process of learning and cooperation. She would like to support the development of South Sudan by training professionals, to increase human capital.

Clipboard01Peter Mahal Dhieu Akat: Director

was born in Adio – Republic of South Sudan. He got an opportunity to take his studies Laboratory Sciences at Health Technical Institute Alexandria, Egypt and completed a Masters in Public Health as well. As a scientist he climbed through various professional ranks reaching the level of Director General, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Ministry of Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources the Republic of South Sudan as from 2008 to-date. In addition Peter is endowed with a wide range of experience in humanitarian work and he loves education as he voluntary had initiated a school for Displaced South Sudanese Children in 1987 in El Fau Eastern Sudan and headed the South Sudanese Committee in Alexandria, Egypt 1990-1996. He has always been striving for positive progressive change for betterment of all through high quality standard. Peter is convinced that innovative education will help South Sudan in it's process of development.