Short courses

Short courses, refresher courses and Tailor-Made-Training courses. All what you need to improve your skills in training, management, leadership, intercultural cooperation and more.

The Academy for Professional Development is the right place to get trained in a very interactive and participatory way. This will help you to apply what you have learned during the training, back at work in everyday practice. 

In case you are interested in a short course, but you are not convinced you are part of the target group as mentioned, please contact us


CVwritingLearn how to write Curriculum Vitea or CV that will help you to get a new job.
The succesfull course CV writing is now available online. Step by step you will create your own CV that will make the difference. An online trainer will support you in your learning process.
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You can start the course as soon as the payment has been received by the Academy. The payment can be made as follows:

  • Go to a mGurush office or a shop having mGurush service.
  • Pay the training fee amount of: 4500 SSP to the following number: +211 (0)9 1515 5551. When sending the money, ask the shop to add your name or your telephone number to the text, so that we know that it is you who have paid your training fee.

After the payment has been received, the Academy will send an username and password via e-mail.
We wish you a pleasant online learning experience!

Most important in a project is a successful completion of the project. To understand project management you need to be aware of theoretical and practical approaches. A project can be implemented within your own organisation or at requesting organisations. In project management different key areas will be highlighted. 

Are you new in South Sudan? Welcome! You work for an International NGO, a National NGO or a company? In that case you should not miss this training course. 

We will learn you everything about the culture of South Sudan; why South Sudanese behave as they do, how you can deal with hiearchy in cooperation, how to cope with insecurity, bribe and corruption.  Last but not least, how can you have a good time in South Sudan.

When you are a director or manager, expectations are often high. In addition to achieve program or company results, it is expected from you to lead a (inter)national team of experts: optimize cooperation, maintain team spirit and getting the best out of your team of experts by coaching.

During this training we train you how to discover your personal leadership style and face strenghts and weaknesses. We train you also to improve your personal leadership style and we will equip you with tools that can make your role as leader easier.

In a country like South Sudan, where much development takes place, many financial resources are generated by project proposals. Only a well-written project proposal will be granted. What is the secret behind a winning project proposal? How to deal with a mandatory template? How to describe SMART objectives?

All these questions and more will be covered in this course.

Quality Assurance can be seen as an exercise on paper and will never leave the drawer of policy makers. Nothing could be further from the true. Quality Assurane has absolutely to do with the education itself. In fact, it will be visible in the classroom.

Ouality Assurance is a very broad topic which include policies and systems. Teachers play key roles in quality education. We train you in how you (as a teacher) can make quality assurance visible in the classroom: how to deal with it and how to implement it. 

Have you ever been in a workshop where the facilitator was working very hard and participants were not active at all?

It is possible to get all participants active and make a workshop WORK.

This course will train you how to make use of your personal skills and improve your training skills, how to deal with different types of participants and how to prepare an interactive workshop.

Everyone can remember a teacher that was special. Not only because you have learned from him/her, but especially because of the way he/she taught.

Students can excel because of the quality of the teachers. Teachers are confident professionals when they are convinced of their skills. Teaching skills are the basis for confidence.

During this course we train you how develop your own confident teaching style by using different interactive teaching methodologies.

Do you need to find some money for an activity that is not included in the annual budget? Or additional income is needed so that activities can keep going? We can train you in how to develop a realistic IGA plan for your organisation or institute. Learn how to do it yourself during this participative training. Following this topic, the next step could be: project proposal writing. 

You are not a teacher by profession, but it happens that you need to train people because it is part of your job. It is time consuming to prepare your training and keep trainees actively involved. 

We cannot make you teacher in 10 days, but we can help you to develop your teaching skills. As a result you will be able to train people in such away that it will even give you energy instead of it will cost you a lot of energy.