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CSFlogoClose the year successfully, who would't want that? Despite the fact that 2020 was a difficult and turbulent year for many, great things have also happened. We, from the Academy, can proudly celebrate our successes. In 2020, the Academy for Professional Development has made its contributions in online learning for South Sudan. We are so extremely proud of this! In April 2020, we launched the AforPD online learning environment for South Sudan including the online CV writing course. Only a couple of weeks ago (just before Christmas) we handed over the online learning environment for Civil Society Facility South Sudan. Obviously, we couldn't have done this without our partner Efran.

A difficult time.........we all know about it.

Although we have been through a rough time, there are things we have achieved that we are incredibly proud of!

We have just completed a fact finding project in South Sudan, together with Madiba. Bringing the most valuable stakeholders together in Juba to discuss about Third Mission Activities (TMAs) in Higher Education. Third mission activities help students to create their active share in peace and rehabilitation. We are proud to have delivered the work in a blended way (both face-to-face activities and online meetings & discussions).

Proud to be a partner company of Madiba Group!


Now is the time to do things differently and not just because we are forced because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ideas that you have been walking around with for a long time can now become reality. We, at the Academy, have many ideas and a lot of patience what is deem necessary to get things done in South Sudan. For us, this is the time to bring distance learning under attention of leaders, policy makers, ministries and donors in South Sudan. We did it already by publishing opinion papers in the Juba Monitor.

But……...we decided to develop our own online learning system. Awesome!!!!

Screenshot 2020 05 25 Academy for Professional Development1

This was only possible because of the enthusiastic and professional collaboration with Efran in the Netherlands. The online learning system is developed in Moodle and online & offline accessible because of the Moodle mobile app.

We believe this is the solution for now and for the future of capacity building in South Sudan. The Academy is so very proud to share this news with you. We are ready to develop courses in our system upon request.

Despite all sorrows and limitations because of the corona pandemic, we are exitded to have a new office and we make vitue out of need. We don't dispair but prefer to think about solutions and opportunities. This pandemic makes it very clear that South Sudan needs its own work force with professional skills and knowledge. And if the teachers don't teach, professionals are at home on paid leave and graduates cannot work...............they all have time to develop their own professional skills.

What has the Academy to offer to all those who would like to learn something and develop themselves, especially nowadays? The answer is: training, training, training......The Academy can still conduct training, provide coaching and develop training for distance learning. Any training will be conducted in small groups in a corona protected learning environment following our Corona Prevention Protocol.

New on our training schedule are one-day-courses in the topics: Curriculum Vitae writing, Personal Management Skills, Time Management and Problem Solving.

Our courses are affordable for anyone! Currently, you get 50% discount if you subscribe for a one-day-course. Time table will be published soon.

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 09 29390117 or 09 21702095.

Toposa tribeVNG International is implementing the IDEAL program in South Sudan and selected Kapoeta State as focus area. The project is all about capacity development: strengthening of the WASH departments at Local Government offices in Kapoeta South County, Kapoeta North County and Kapoeta East County. The aim is improvement at organizational level and to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Local Government officers which will help them to improve the service delivery to the communities. From project language to the reality.

The South Sudan's TVET Committee, led by the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI), has developed with UNESCO’s support a five-year operational plan and an 18-month work plan to strengthen the governance and coordination of TVET.

The Academy has signed up to join one of the subcommittees. Once all members may be announced there will be an update from our side. For now you can read where it is about in the following article: UNESCO TVET

Banner Caped1In Juba, on 21-22 May 2019, all 21 TVET authorized government institutions, representative parliament committee members, Chamber of Commerce and key development partners came together to discuss about the establishment of a TVET Body of Authority in South Sudan.

On behalf of the Parliament Committee on Education, the Academy for Professional Development was invited to join the discussions and share knowledge and experiences in TVET. Because the Academy is a South Sudanese registered company we also represented the private sector. The establishment of a TVET Body of Authority is not a piece of cake and this workshop was a great start to learn from practices and examples from countries around the world; Ghana, Namibia and Sri Lanka. Heavy debates, lively discussions and the struggle to brainstorm and leaving behind existing government structures was professional facilitated by the experts from UNESCO. The first stone is laid…………..and the Academy was there!