Short courses

Short courses, refresher courses and Tailor-Made-Training courses. All you need to improve your skills in training, management, leadership, intercultural cooperation and more.

Tailor Made Training

Do you think your educational institute or organization should become more dynamic, using knowledge and experiences from all employees as much as possible?

Knowledge sharing

We organize (international) conferences and meetings to share knowledge and learn from other professionals.


Seeking for a solution to improve the quality of your organisation? Do you need a strong (international) team to achieve results? Our consultants are here to give you advice and support.

A difficult time.........we all know about it.

Although we have been through a rough time, there are things we have achieved that we are incredibly proud of!

We have just completed a fact finding project in South Sudan, together with Madiba. Bringing the most valuable stakeholders together in Juba to discuss about Third Mission Activities (TMAs) in Higher Education. Third mission activities help students to create their active share in peace and rehabilitation. We are proud to have delivered the work in a blended way (both face-to-face activities and online meetings & discussions).

Proud to be a partner company of Madiba Group!